thursday 22 april 10pm spazio Carbonesi

Krõõt Juurak / Fahim Amir (Est/A/AFG)

italian première

by Krõõt Juurak
aftertalk Fahim Amir
special guest dog

Autodomestication - Artists' Responsibility is a lecture and practical research about pets: cats, dogs, fish etc, different owners, institutions, contexts, homes, residencies, schools etc. It is also about the possibility of becoming a stray pet, and how in different countries run-away pets are dealt with. Another important issue is how increasingly more people are now learning from their pets: their ability to live in the present (aka charisma), their sensitivity for atmospheres and situations (the so called sixth sense), willingness to adapt, be flexible, the blurring of private and professional life.. etc. The qualities of pets are perhaps the survival strategies of the future. Needless to say that the pets themselves will need to adapt to this, too.

Bar Kalashnikov / Cats

Informal setting makes sense and 'skipping' the institutional is very interesting anyway. So I would inhabit the space and perform in it and host the Kalashnikov bar. Maybe bar even each day? and would be happy to MC & play mixes (postcolonial) too? Kalashnikov is a drink with vodka, lemon and chocolate. ...and maybe other activities? Autodomestication cat stickers installation.

Krõõt Juurak is a performer born in Tallinn/Estonia and currently based in Vienna. She has studied choreography at the Arnhem Institute of the Arts and visual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. Active on and off-stage stage as performer and choreographer since 1998. In her work she is mainly interested in conventionality or pseudo-subversive methodologies, including extinct practices and species into performance. She deals with issues such as camouflage, inautonomy, obviousness. Her works Autodomestication (2009), Scripted Smalltalk (2009), Once Upon (2006), Look Look (2005) in collaboration with Anne Juren, Camouflage (2002) in collaboration with Merle Saarva, Burning Down the House in collaboration with Laura Kalauz, Artistic Approach 3.1 (2003) have been performed at various dance and theatre festivals in Europe and beyond. She collaborates ongoingly with the projects EVERYBODYS, Multiplex Fiction (the magazine), Chicks on Speed (the project), Pelican Avenue (the fashion label) amongst others. Her current project Ride The Wave Dude (2010-) is an extended performance together with Mårten Spångberg.

Fahim Amir is of Afghan origin, he is currently Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Amir's research interests include Postcolonial Studies, Visual Culture, Transcultural Modernisms, Animal Studies, (Post-)Marxism and Gender Studies. He worked as performance curator and is part of the performance duo Dolce & Afghaner.